Body-Worn Cameras

Ptl. John Colineri

Cranford Police Complete Rollout of Body-Worn Cameras            

The Cranford Police Department announced on May 1, 2019 that a limited number of officers will now be equipped with body-worn cameras.  This initiative is part of a county-wide effort by the Union County Prosecutor’s Office aimed at equipping all Union County police agencies with body-worn cameras.  The public will see the new cameras being worn by police officers working in the Patrol Division.

Body-worn cameras have been effective in memorializing important information during critical incidents. Cranford Police Officers are required to activate the body cameras when conducting investigative and enforcement actions such as making an arrest, issuing a summons, searches or stopping a person on the street in the course of an investigation. All officers equipped with body-worn cameras have received training on the devices.  The body-worn cameras supplement our existing in-car digital video systems which currently record motor vehicle traffic stops.

Please click on our link below to see the CranfordPolice Department's policy on the use of these devices.

Cranford Police Department Body-Worn Camera Policy

Body-Worn Camera