Community Outreach

The profession of law enforcement has dramatically changed due police-community events seen on a national stage.  Historic reforms in police training, policy, and public transparency have already begun with the continuation of sweeping changes on the horizon.  In New Jersey we have already seen advances in the publication of police internal affairs records, legislation regarding the decriminalization of marijuana, and the preliminary discussion and absolute certainty of licensing of police officers, all of which have occurred in recent history. Enhanced training of law enforcement officers will absolutely be a cornerstone of police reform which will most definitely include the licensing of sworn officers. Our administration is keenly aware that with these legislated changes comes the expansion of our responsibility, liability, and accountability to ensure that we are in legal compliance while embodying the spirit of law enforcement’s swift evolution.


Community Outreach

The Cranford Police Department has always been a professional and progressive organization whose initiatives are often used as a standard of innovative thinking and planning.  We have consistently balanced being a proactive police department with regards to enforcing motor vehicle violations while implementing various community-based programs for the betterment of our community - all in an effort to maintain the public’s trust.  We truly are upon unprecedented times in our organizational history.

As with many professions affected by the events in 2020, the Cranford Police Department pivoted to adjust to meet the demands of what will undoubtedly be massive and sweeping reforms in law enforcement, while focusing on maintaining the public’s trust and engaging with our youngest generation of residents.  Simply stated, communication and partnerships with all stakeholders in our community is key.  Community Outreach aims to blend outreach, engagement, and public information into one unit.  This effort is managed by the members of our Community Support Services Division and Juvenile Bureau.  Some of the Community Outreach initiatives include the following:

  • Operate the citizen’s police academy and youth police academy.
  • Recruitment, Retention, and Advancement of Personnel. 
  • Community Policing, Outreach, and Education.
  • Liaison to the local Clergy Council. 
  • Liaison to the Committee on Diversity and Inclusion. 
  • Development of a Police Health and Wellness Program. 

The creation of this new unit shows the Township’s and Police Department’s commitment to facilitating and the preparation of change.  Aside from the legislative mandates, this proposal demonstrates that our organization is focused on the ever-evolving long-term health of our agency and the community that we serve.  



Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Ali Muhammad Outreach Officer 908-272-8989