About The Department

The Cranford Police Department is currently staffed by fifty-five (55) sworn law enforcement officers and ten (10) civilian Communications Officers. Additional civilian personnel round out the administrative, traffic maintenance, and clerical staffs.

The Department is divided into several divisions, each with a different responsibility and area of excellence.

By working together, the different divisions are able to investigate crimes & accidents, respond to emergencies, and prevent many illegal acts from ever occurring.

Police Car

Cranford Police Department Ranks                                                          

  • Chief of Police
  • Captain
  • Lieutenant
  • Sergeant
  • Detective
  • Patrolman

Police Car and Policeman

The Patrol Division is the largest division. These are the officers that the public is used to seeing every day; they wear distinct uniforms and patrol the town with marked police vehicles such as cars, 4x4s, motorcycles and bicycles. Patrol officers are responsible for traffic enforcement, preventative patrol, and initiating criminal investigations.

Cranford police officers were also among the first in the State of New Jersey to be trained as Emergency Medical Technicians. All patrol officers are trained in first aid and emergency lifesaving techniques (including electrical defibrillation) to assist sick or injured residents of the Township!

Cranford Shield

The Investigative Division (including the Juvenile Bureau) is responsible for investigating crimes and unusual occurrences within the Township. Typically, Detectives process crime scenes, interview suspects, witnesses, and victims, and follow up on leads (eventually leading to an arrest).

Detectives normally do not wear uniforms, but they DO carry a badge and ID with them at all times. They also drive in unmarked patrol cars.

Other divisions, such as Traffic & Staff Services, Records, and Administration, work to make sure that the Department has the information and equipment it needs to perform its job 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They also assist the public with obtaining information and paperwork such as accident reports, firearm permits, parking information, etc.

You can send E-Mail to any person or division in the Cranford Police Department. Please list a name or division title in the Subject line!

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