Inspection Rules

Inspection Rules:

1.  To schedule an inspection, work site address, type of inspection and permit number are required.

2.  Inspections are schedule by day, not appointment time.

3.  Time requests are taken, but never guaranteed.  Inspections can take longer than anticipated, or emergency situations can arise.

4.  If an inspector gives an estimated time of inspection, time is never guaranteed.  Inspections can take longer than anticipated, or emergency situations can arise.

5.  Inspectors will not call ahead of arrival.

6.  Inspectors' cell phones are for emergency use only.  Office staff will not interrupt inspections or give out cell numbers.

7.  Inspectors will not enter an unoccupied building.

8.  Individual waiting for inspector must be over 18 years old.

9.  DOORBELLS:  Upon arrival at a residence, the inspector will ring the doorbell.  If doorbell is broke, homeowner must leave a note alerting the inspector.  Doorbell and condition of property is the full responsibility of property owner.

10.  Calling the building department after missing or failing an inspection will result in the inspection being scheduled for another business day.

11.  Inspections are scheduled on a sequential basis;  you must PASS one required inspection before scheduling the next required inspection.  Please see above for the order of inspections.

12.  If an inspector is sick, the inspection must be rescheduled until he or she is feeling well.  An inspector being out sick means no one gets an inspection for that day, unless we are able to find a covering inspector.

13.  The entire property must be in a safe condition at the time of the inspection.  If there are any potential injury hazards, the inspector will not perform the inspection.