Recruitment Program for Sworn Positions


It is the policy of this agency to recruit only the best possible applicants for sworn law enforcement employment, while remaining demographically representative of the service population.  In addition, the Cranford Police Department is committed to Equal Employment Opportunity, to the extent allowed by law, and will comply with all provisions of State and Federal law pertaining to nondiscrimination in employment.

The Cranford Police Department has identified the following goals and objectives as integral components of the recruitment program:

  • The goal of the plan is to attract and recruit the best qualified applicants for sworn positions within the agency, while maintaining a demographic balance corresponding to the agency service population.
  • The specific objectives of the program are as follows:
    1. Recruit and attract female applicants to reasonably reflect the current national standard for female law enforcement officers (according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics) of 13%.
    2. Recruit and attract minority applicants to reasonably reflect the representative percentages of the service population.
  • A review of the recruitment program will be completed annually in order to assess agency progress in achieving recruitment objectives.  Based on the annual program review, if a deficiency is identified, an action plan will be created to address the specific area(s) identified as deficient.  

As of June 2022, the Cranford Police Department has identified three (3) deficiencies related to maintaining our demographic balance of sworn officers:

  • Five (5) Female police officers whereas six (6) would represent the current national standard.
  • Zero (0) Asian police officers whereas one (1) would represent the demographics of our service population.
  • Three (3) Hispanic officers whereas four (4) would represent the demographics of our service population.  

The Cranford Police Department will address these deficiencies by using a combination of various resources.  These resources include, but are not limited to, recruitment at local job fairs; visiting educational institutions; targeted ads using our social media platforms; and highlighting existing employees who represent these demographics.  The goal will remain to expanding our applicant pools through increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion.