Cable TV Advisory Board

The Cranford Cable TV Advisory Committee was established to provide public and governmental involvement in the programming and operation of the Township’s TV-35 Governmental Access TV Station. The committee includes representatives from the Township Committee, the public, studio volunteers and the studio management. The duties of the committee include, but are not limited to, working with studio management in creating, reviewing, and editing station by-laws and policies, recommending potential new programming, act as liaison to the Township Committee, the public and TV-35 management, review and work with studio management on developing the annual expense and capital budget, and review all issues with cable providers (Comcast and Verizon) and draft responses to Township Committee.

Board Members


Station Manager/Chairperson


Timothy Davies
Gerald Dobbins
Christine Hoffman
Ashley Legg
Marnie Nathanson
Robert Pipchick
Michael Plick
Sandra Quintiero
Donald Smith
Ann Steinbach
George Steinbach
Donna Vaupel
Ed Warner
Bernhard Wagenblast