Curbside Recycling

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2024 Curbside Recycling Schedule Now Available

Reminder: Place your recyclables curbside by 6 a.m. 

For Curbside Recycling - The following are NOT ACCEPTABLE:

  • NO Plastic Bags of any kind
  • NO Plastic Storage Containers
  • NO Plastic Planters
  • NO Boxes with Styrofoam
  • NO Shredded Paper in Plastic Bags
  • NO latex gloves and masks in your recycling since these items should be put in your regular trash.

  • NO plastic garbage receptacles (pails). 


  • Only plastics stamped #1, # 2 or #5 are recyclable.
  • Materials must not be contaminated with dirt, food remnants, or grease.
  • Paper products must be kept dry, as wet materials are not recyclable.
  • Do not use Laundry Baskets for recyclables as these items can be mistaken for recycling and The Township of Cranford/Giordano Company Inc. are not responsible for replacing such items.
  • The recommendation per Giordano, is a Blue Bin 32 gallon minimum - 64 gallon maximum.
  • All recyclable materials may be co-mingled in a reusable 32 gallon container, preferably with a lid. The container should be marked “recycling.”  Recycling Stickers are available in the Municipal Building, Library, Community Center and Conservation Center.

Acceptable & Non-Acceptable Materials for Curbside Recycling 

Visit Giordano's website for updates.

Missed recycling pickups must be reported within 24 hrs 
Contact Giordano: or call 1-800-216-2250 ext. 2