Planning Board

In accordance with Chapter 231, Public Law 1975, State of New Jersey, the public is hereby notified of the schedule of regular meetings of the Planning Board of the Township of Cranford, County of Union, for the year 2023. Please see the tab on the left for a full listing of all Planning Board scheduled meetings. The Workshop portion of the meeting will be held at 7:30 P.M. with the Public meeting commencing immediately following the Workshop in Council Chambers.  

Board Members

Name Title
Donna Pedde Class IV Member (2023-2026)
Peter Taylor Class IV Member (2020-2023)
Jonathan Drill Esquire Board Attorney (2023)
Molly Hurley Kellett Chair/Class IV Member (2023-2026)
Kate Rappa Chair Pro Temp/Class IV Member (2021-2023)
Juan Carlos Nordelo Vice-Chair /Class II Member (2023)
Diana Sen Class IV Member (2022-2024)
Kathy Lenahan Board Administrator
Julie Didzbalis Class IV Member (2022-2024)
David Leber Alternate # 1 (2023-2024)
Jeff Pistol Alternate #2 (2022-2023)
Brian Andrews Mayor (2023)
Kathleen Miller Prunty Class III Member (2023)