Useful Links

New Jersey Department of Community Affairs, Division of Codes & Standards:

  • Click here to visit their website.
  • All Building Departments are overseen by this department of the state.
  • See what’s new in construction regulation

Building Codes Online:

Township of Cranford Construction Fee Schedule:

New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP):

New Jersey Department of Law & Public Safety – License Search:

Continued Certificate of Occurpancy (CCO) for Residential Sale in Cranford:

  • CCOs are handled by the Cranford Fire Department. Please direct all questions to CFD.
  • The application can be found on the Cranford Fire Department webpage.

Fence & Small Shed Permits:

  • Permits for fences and small sheds (less than 100 square feet) are issued by the Cranford Zoning Officer.
  • Please direct all questions to the Zoning Office at (908) 709-7216.

Dumpster Permits:

Permits for the placement of a dumpster in the street are issued by the Engineering Department.

The application can be found on the Engineering Department’s website. Please direct questions and submit applications to Engineering at (908) 709-7218.

Call Before You Dig! – Utility Markouts:

  • 1-800-272-1000

New Jersey Association of County Tax Boards:

Union County Housing Authority:

  • Please see the Housing Authority for any tenant-landlord disputes
  • (908) 527-4227 ex. 0
  • 1 Elizabethtown Plaza 5th floor, Elizabeth, NJ 07207