Building Department

There are various safe and convenient ways to reach employees to conduct business:

•    Call or email. The Township website has contact information for each department; individual department pages have additional information.

 •     Use safe and secure Drop Boxes outside the rear entrances to the building for tax payments, applications and paperwork for Finance, Building, Zoning, Engineering and Tax Collector Departments. A secure box for payment of parking tickets will be installed soon.

Applicants are still highly encouraged to utilize the procedures below for drop-off, payment and pick-ups.  Please feel free to contact our office for any additional information and a member of our staff will be more than willing to assist you.  As always, we thank you for your patience and understanding during these times.

Please see the below information so we can easily assist you with meeting your needs:

  • If you need PERMIT APPLICATIONS, all forms are available on this website by clicking the "Forms" tab to the left of the screen.  Handouts are also available on this site that will guide you as to what applications and supporting documentation is required for various permits.
  • If you need to SUBMIT APPLICATIONS and PLANS, please use the drop boxes located at the front and rear of the municipal building.  Please make sure email addresses are clearly printed on all applications.
  • If you need to MAKE PAYMENT, please use our online portal.  When permits are approved, you will receive an email with a link to make payment online.  Once you make payment, work can immediately begin.  You can also submit a check by mailing it in or leaving it in the secure drop box at the rear of the building.  Your permit will be mailed to you once it is issued.  If your plans are too large to be delivered by mail, you will be contacted to pick up permit and plans.
  • To check PERMIT STATUS, please use our online portal, call the office, or email us.
  • To SCHEDULE INSPECTIONS, please use our online portal, call the office, or email us.

The drop boxes are checked multiple times a day by our office staff and are monitored and secure.

The Building Department issues all construction permits and performs inspections for residential and commercial properties in the Township of Cranford and the Borough of Garwood.

Building Department records are available for viewing online. This includes the status and history of all permits, inspections and violations.

***PLEASE BE ADVISED: The Cranford Building Department is currently following up on all open permits by sending out Notices of Violation, and in certain instances, Notices and Order to Pay Penalty, as required under the Uniform Construction Code. To avoid a notice, please call the Cranford Building Department and schedule your final inspections as soon as possible. ***

Permits must be released and fees paid prior to the start of any construction or demolition. Starting the work prior to the released permit will result in a Notice and Order to Pay Penalty. Your permit fee WILL be increased by up to $2,000.00.

Inspection on construction permits for building, electric, plumbing, fire protection or elevator: Final payment to the contractor is NOT required to be made before the final inspection is performed.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Christian Jessen Plumbing Subcode Official / Inspector
Timothy Dolan Electrical Subcode Official / Inspector
James Pisauro Fire Inspector
Richard Tunison Building Inspector
Gary Junkroft Building Subcode/Construction Code Official
Laura Styler Technical Assistant
Hillary Barboza Technical Assistant
Deborah Sullivan Office Assistant