TV 35

TV 35 is Cranford’s local cable access channel that reaches more than 350,000 viewers in Cranford and nine neighboring towns on Comcast. The mission is to provide area residents with quality Township, Emergency Management, Sports and Educational information. The volunteers produce regularly scheduled shows, special community, and sports events, broadcast Township meetings (live), Board of Education meetings (tape delay) and air Cranford school-supplied videos. TV 35 also runs a daily community bulletin board. Our station is on 24 hours and 7 days a week.

For residents that have Verizon FIOS, the HD Channel is located at Channel Number 2147. The standard definition channel on Channel 35 will remain for those without high definition service.  For those who have Comcast, you can watch on Channel 35.

How to Watch:

  • Verizon FIOS--standards definition on Channel 35 or HD on Channel 2147
  • Comcast
  • On demand on YouTube
  • Livestream
  • Facebook Live (selected live events will be broadcast here)

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Staff Contacts

Donald Smith


Christine Hoffman