Pool & Fitness Center

The Swim Pool Utility operates the Orange Avenue Outdoor Pool Complex and the Centennial Avenue Indoor/Outdoor Pool Complex and Fitness Center.

The Utility has a nine member Advisory Board appointed by the Township Committee. Both facilities offer programs for children and adults.

Birthday Parties and Rentals are ONLY held during our winter season!


***Cranford Pool and Fitness Center is, currently, accepting WINTER memberships and CONVERSION memberships***

You must register in-person for winter membership or to convert your summer membership.

No online for winter memberships or conversions accepted.

***2018 Summer Pool Members must register before October 31, 2018 to recieve the discounted fee when converting summer membership to an annual membership***

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Steve Robertazzi, RA, CPO Director, Recreation & Parks / Swim Pool Utility (908) 709-7260, or (908) 709-7283
Anne Dolan, CPO Facility Manager (908) 709-7260 Ext. 2306
Sally Kleeman Fitness Manager (908) 709-7260 Ext. 2307
Brian Koshney Maintenance Manager (908) 709-7260 Ext. 2302