Pool & Fitness Center

The Swim Pool Utility operates the Orange Avenue Outdoor Pool Complex and the Centennial Avenue Indoor/Outdoor Pool Complex and Fitness Center.

The Utility has a nine member Advisory Board appointed by the Township Committee. Both facilities offer programs for children and adults.

Birthday Parties and Rentals are ONLY held during our winter season!

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Steve Robertazzi, RA, CPO Director, Recreation & Parks / Swim Pool Utility (908) 709-7260, or (908) 709-7283
Anne Dolan, CPO Facility Manager (908) 709-7260 Ext. 2306
Sally Kleeman Fitness Manager (908) 709-7260 Ext. 2307
Brian Koshney Maintenance Manager (908) 709-7260 Ext. 2302