Roadways Information

Township Roadway Work Rules
Work will be permitted within the Township R.O.W. following the guidelines specified herein:
  1. No Township street shall be closed to vehicular traffic without prior written approval from the Cranford Police Department Traffic Division.
  2. The Cranford Police Department shall review and approve and traffic pattern changes due to construction within a street limits. If required, uniform officers shall be hired for the length of the construction activities.
  3. Contractors shall provide 48 hours written notice to the Cranford Police Department Traffic Division, prior to commencing any work.
  4. No work is to begin before 7:30 a.m. on workdays. Contractors are to ensure street is open to the public by 5:00 p.m. No work is permitted during the weekends and/or holidays, unless approved by the Township Engineer and the Police Department Traffic Division.
  5. During winter months, no planting is permitted and all trenches shall be filled and cold patched.
  6. During construction, the Township Engineer or appointed representative may require additional conditions as deemed necessary to provide a safe environment for the residents.
  7. The Township of Cranford roadway system is composed of local, county and state roadways. These roads include:

County Roads

  • Boulevard: from Westfield border line to Kenilworth border Line
  • Centennial Avenue: from North Avenue East to Clark border line
  • Lincoln Avenue East and West: from South Ave. East to South Ave. West
  • Raritan Road: from Linden Border Line to Clark border line
  • Springfield Avenue: from Boulevard to North Avenue East
  • South Avenue East and West: from Garwood border line to Roselle border line

State Roads

  • North Avenue East & West: from Garwood Border Line to Roselle Park Border Line