Keep Kids Alive Drive 25®

The Cranford Police Department’s traffic safety program adopted the national safety campaign “Keep Kids Alive Drive 25®” (KKAD25) in June of 2005. The program is designed to allow residents to contribute to a reduction in speeding. It was developed in response to the fact that most speeders live in or around the neighborhood they speed in, and that residential streets have a death rate per mile driven over twice that of highways. When drivers see the KKAD25 logo, it is a reminder to them to check their speed and to slow down as needed.

The signs are displayed on residential properties and near township schools during regular school hours. Each school crossing guard was issued two signs to be placed near their post each day. Also, all schools were given two KKAD25 signs to display daily. Each school’s PTA was given a supply of signs to distribute to parents on a rotating basis throughout Cranford neighborhoods.

Chief James Wozniak said, “All residents can contribute to the reduction of speeding in the community. Studies have shown that over 75 percent of the people who drive by a KKAD25 yard sign apply their breaks and slow down. Education and awareness are just additional tools available to the police department in combating the issue of speeding.”

At the start of the 2005-2006 school year, the department expanded the KKAD25 program with the help of the Cranford Municipal Alliance which donated 25 yard signs for the department to distribute the interested residents. In addition, the department purchases signs to distribute free of charge to residents. In the first six months of the program the department distributed 300 lawn signs. Residents who obtain signs are asked to place them out each morning and bring them in at night. The signs are least effective when left out permanently.

Anyone interested in obtaining a sign or further information can contact the Traffic Bureau. Also, for additional information on the national Keep Kids Alive Drive 25 program visit

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