Motorcycle Safety

Share the Road

Nationwide, motorcycle fatalities are on the rise. Between 1999 and 2003, a nearly 50-percent increase in motorcycle-related fatalities occurred. About 2,500 motorcycles are involved in crashes each year on New Jersey’s roadways, according to the Federal Highway Authority.

Fact: Motorcycle crashes result in 50 or more fatalities and about 2,000 injuries each year in the Garden state. If you’re involved in a motorcycle crash in New Jersey, statistics show that you have a 75 percent chance of being injured. Every rider’s best defense against injury is to obey the law: Wear Your Helmet!

New Jersey Helmet Law – P.L. 39:3-76.7:
No person shall operate or ride upon a motorcycle unless he/she wears a securely fitted protective helmet of a size proper for that person and of a type approved by the federal DOT. Such a helmet must be equipped with either a neck or chin strap and be reflectorized on both sides.

Other Motorcycle-related NJ Laws: Handlebars must rest below rider’s shoulders and a rearview mirror is required.

Safety Tips for Motorcyclists:

  • Drive Defensively – Assume motorists do not see you and plan escape routes.
  • Make Yourself Visible – Wear bright colored and reflective clothing.
  • Do not linger in “blind spots”.
  • Give Yourself Time and Space to React – Do not tailgate.
  • Avoid Sudden Braking or Turning When Driving on Wet Roads or Gravel
  • Enhance Your Skills with Education – New Jersey offers various safety and skill courses, for riders new and old. View more information, or call 609-633-9308.

Safety Tips for Motorists:

  • Be Alert for Motorcycles – Heavy traffic could hide a motorcycle.
  • Anticipate Hazards for Motorcycles – Be prepared to react to poor road conditions, such as debris or oil slicks, railroad tracks or raised manhole covers.
  • Do Not Tailgate Motorcycles – They require less stopping distance than other vehicles.
  • Share the Road – Sharing the road will save lives. Motorcyclists and motorists abide by the same traffic laws.