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Auxiliary Police Officer CartoonIf you are interested in joining the Auxiliary Police, please stop by Police Headquarters and pick up an application or click here to download an application. If you have any questions, please call 908-272-2222 and ask for Detective Sergeant Russell Luedecker.

CPD Auxiliary Police

The History of the Cranford Police Auxiliary

Since World War I, there has been an organized unit of men and women who have volunteered their time assisting the regular police department in securing the safety of Cranford. The first unit, of 90 volunteers, was established in 1916 when the United States declared war on Germany. Even then there were German secret agents in the United States. Records of this unit could not be verified after the war and it appears that the unit disbanded.

In 1942 another unit of 96 civilian volunteers was organized in response to the threats of World War II. New Jersey was a major target for espionage since the major communication link with Britain was the Transatlantic telephone cable, which entered the Atlantic Ocean from the Jersey shore, as well as the many research defense contractors in our State.

At the end of the WW II the unit continued to function in of support the regular police department because there were still threats to our safety. There was the “Cold War” era with the threat of nuclear warfare followed by the Vietnam conflict, the Korean War and the need for military security forces in many parts of the world.

Today, the Auxiliary Police, led by Captain James Nalepa, has 17 officers who assist the regular police doing routine town patrol on Thursday evenings, traffic control on Sundays at Saint Michael’s and the First Presbyterian church, as well as traffic and crowd control at the many functions in town. Auxiliary officers ride along with regular police officers, assist at DWI check points and are frequently used to assist, the regular Police, during snow storms, floods, wind storms and town public functions.

The Auxiliary Police receive basic training at the Police Academy and are continually trained in basic first aid and CPR, as well as police procedures and other areas concerning public health and safety. They assist the town and supplement the regular police force whenever there is a need for Auxiliary services.

Download a Cranford Police Auxiliary Application!! Applicants must be 18 years of age and live within 5 miles of Cranford (if applicant is not a Cranford Resident, the applicant’s hometown cannot have a similar organization).

Note: The Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print the application.
You can send E-Mail to Cranford Auxiliary Police. Please list “Auxiliary” or “CAPD” in the Subject line of your message.