PSE&G Electric Infrastructure and Utility Pole Project Proposal

At last night’s Public Township Committee Workshop Meeting, representatives from PSE&G came to inform residents of a planned infrastructure upgrade. As a part of the 69kV statewide initiative, PSE&G has proposed to upgrade its electrical infrastructure in the Township of Cranford by increasing the voltage of power lines from 26,000 volts to 69,000 volts.

In order to install the new transmission lines, PSE&G will have to replace existing poles with 65-foot-tall poles, as well as conducting “vegetation management” measures by cutting cut down 14 trees (7 on Lincoln Avenue, 7 on Walnut Avenue) and trimming 47 others. The removals will be replaced on a 2 for 1 basis, so Cranford will receive 28 trees of our choice. The trimming will follow the 30% max in the same way PSE&G does it every 4 years.

PSE&G will be replacing pole for pole, with no new poles being added to the route. The current age of most of the poles are 40- 50 years old. The new poles will include new wires, and according to PSE&G will significantly clean up the poles appearance. Nine feet of the 65-foot-tall poles will be in ground, with 55 feet existing above ground.

The proposed above and below ground Transmission line stretches along several residential streets in Cranford and there are 2 schools along the current route:

South Avenue (underground to the Parkway and then above ground to Meeker Avenue)

Meeker Avenue (Above ground to Lincoln Avenue)

Lincoln Avenue (Above ground to Walnut Avenue)

Walnut Avenue (Above ground to Chester Lang Place)

Chester Lang Place (Underground to Lexington Avenue)

Lexington Avenue (Underground to Johnson Avenue)

The overhead project should take 4- 6 months depending on the conditions, with an estimated start date in late 2019 - early 2020. There might be lane closures but Cranford PD will dictate traffic and PSE&G said they will fully comply. PSE&G also said they will comply fully with the road moratorium for the underground project.

Please click here for the PSE&G Proposed Utility Pole Project

For more information, PSE&G has set up a project Hotline at 1-800-901-5035. Please forward any questions, inquiries or complaints to so we can assist with getting answers from PSE&G. Thanks.