750 Walnut: Construction Schedule 9/5-9/15

750 Walnut update

Dear Residents,

As work commences at 750 Walnut, we want to ensure you are informed about what is happening and what to expect. We also want to hear from you when problems arise so the Township can take quick action -- as an example, based on resident concerns we have already objected to the amount of dust being produced by the current work. 

Going forward, we are requiring Hartz and their contractor provide construction updates every two weeks, which we will share with you. The first update is below. Please share this information with residents who may not have provided us with an email address. We want to make sure residents receive the most current and accurate information.

​We share concerns about the impact this project will have on traffic. The Township's consulting Traffic Engineer is finalizing the report on traffic mitigation measures, drawing on requirements imposed by Cranford's Planning Board last year. We plan to hold a neighborhood meeting to discuss this issue after the report is completed (more details to come). In addition to immediate actions, Hartz was required to deposit into escrow money sufficient to pay for any additional mitigation based on the actual traffic – rather than just the traffic study predictions – that the site generates. 

Construction Schedule Update #1.