Sign and Facade Guidelines

Township of Cranford

Guidelines for Signs & Awnings

Sign DefinitionLettering, logo or graphic to name or describe the business and information relative to the business
How many signs are permitted?1st floor businesses are permitted one (1) sign per façade. The sign(s) may be mounted to the wall, on an awning or in the window
What size sign is permitted?Total signage (all types) may not exceed 20% of the overall façade. Calculate façade dimension by measuring height and width.


· Wall mounted signs or individual letters – not to exceed 10% of the wall where the sign is attached (HxW)

· Awnings – signage not to exceed 30% of the overall awning size (HxW)

· Windows – signage not to exceed 20% of the window area (HxW)

· Projecting – decorative brackets must be metal; sign must meet building codes regarding height from sidewalk and distance from building

· Existing sign bands – signage permitted within the existing space

Materials for Signs & Awnings
  • Wall / façade signs – wood or wood-like materials; matte finish metal or aluminum permitted for signs and individual letters; halo back-lit letters
  • Awnings – weather resistant canvas or canvas type material; solution dyed acrylic or acrylic-coated polyester cotton
  • Window lettering – professional decal letters applied to inside or outside of windows
Additional window letteringLettering on display windows, when not used for the primary business sign, is limited to description of products, services, telephone number, website or wording to describe the business. Such lettering not to exceed 20% of the window area (HxW)
Temporary Signs
  • Temporary signs such as “Coming Soon”, Grand Opening” or business name until permanent sign is installed are permitted
  • Temporary signs announcing special promotions, events or sales are not permitted for more than 30 consecutive days; may not exceed 120 days per calendar year.
Prohibited Signs & Awnings
  • Neon, blinking or flashing signs
  • Waterfall style or bubble-type vinyl awnings
  • Internally illuminated signs and awnings